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We educate members on the basics of Blockchain, apprising them about the Blockchain ecosystem and helping them understand how Blockchain works and how to build products on the Blockchain.

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Spring 2021 courses

Introduction to Blockchain

This course is geared towards students of all different backgrounds and goes over the fundamentals of blockchain technology. The course starts out with an overview of blockchains and decentralization before going over the key features of the Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols. The course then covers important topics in and applications of blockchain technology, with focus on smart contracts, decentralized finance, privacy, and regulation.

Dapp Development Course

Throughout the semester, students will work in groups of 3-4 students to design and develop a decentralized application. Meeting for several hours each week, teams will work together under the instruction of a teacher to learn smart contract development and Web3.js. By the end of the course, students will have a project that they can show to their peers as a testament to their hard work and newly found skills. There are currently 25 students enrolled in this course.

Advanced Blockchain Seminars

Each semester, knowledgable club members hold seminars on advanced topics in their areas of expertise. Past seminars include scaling Ethereum, decentralized finance, and applied cryptography.