Ongoing Courses

Introduction to Blockchain Lecture Series

This course is geared towards those people who have done some casual reading about blockchain, but don’t quite understand what the hype is about. The Intro to Blockchain Lecture Series begins by explaining proof of work - the consensus mechanism underlying Bitcoin and Ethereum. We then explore some of the limitations of current blockchains and some proposed solutions, including Proof of Stake and Sharding. Finally, we examine some of the most promising use cases of the technology. By the end of the course, students are able to engage in an intelligent conversation about blockchain and understand how it will impact business, society and government.

Smart contract programming Class

This class teaches students how to write their own smart contracts! It is geared towards students who have programming experience, but want to apply their engineering skills to solidity smart contract programming. The class begins with an introduction to the uniquenesses of solidity. Through several in class and out of class coding assignments, students exit the class with a portfolio of smart contracts that they have written and holistic understanding of how to write and test smart contracts. Throughout the class students will create ERC20 Tokens, Token Exchanges, Multisignature contracts, and more.

Decentralized Application Development Seminar

This class is to be taken with, or after, the Smart Contract Programming Course. This project based class allows students to spend the semester creating their own dapp in small groups. The final product will include the smart contracts, a full testing suit, Web 3.0 integration, and a simple user interface. The class begins by teaching students how to evaluate projects for their public blockchain appropriateness, helping students design interesting and unique applications. The course instructors then guide students through the steps of creating their dapp by providing weekly meetings where students are provided feedback, guidance and a mini-lecture on a niche topic that will be of help to the students in their upcoming week of programming.

Corporate Education

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